Prenatal Yoga Bio

Tonya Jan 2008 034a

Tonya Keach Moist began proudly teaching prenatal yoga in 2002. Once introduced into the world of birth, she quickly felt a passion take hold. After over a decade and a half of teaching, that passion has only grown stronger. In 2008 she became a mother herself, and had her second child in 2016.  It was amazing homebirths that brought her greatest teachers, her daughters into the world. Tonya feels blessed to continue to be a part of pregnancy for hundreds of women in our community, and has expanded into offering retreats for mothers in waiting. She awaits the excitement of seeing her “yoga babies” become “yoga mamas” themselves one day.

Tonya also has been honored to utilize her alternative medicine practice using the BodyTalk System to help many mothers prepare their bodies, minds, and spirits for birth and motherhood. She has even had tremendous success in supporting breastfeeding and milk production . Please contact her at 309-830-9341 or

Yoga & BodyTalk