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We all have the power to heal, to connect with joy, to experience empowerment. Make this the day you water the seeds of your greatest possibility!

What if all that you are seeking could be found within your own breath? What if the teacher who holds the answers to your biggest questions is the very person looking back at you mirror? What if a greater joy and ease could be your new normal in life? What if your daily experience could be one of health and wellness instead of illness or dis-ease? And what if it all felt like the most natural, effortless process? IT ALL ABSOLUTELY CAN BE SO. I see it every single day. It’s why I say I am in the business of miracles and magic. Because even after all this time, I am in awe of the magnitude of how much power people possess. And they often don’t even realize it.

These are the experiences I see unfold for my students and clients, over and over again. I have had the honor of helping to empower others, and tenderly cultivating the possibility for transformation for people for nearly two decades. Teaching and healing puts me in touch with some of the most amazing people I could ever imagine knowing.  My clients and students have the most profound stories of health and happiness; some that turned life around in a moment, some that were slow and sweet transformations… But on the other side of it all, they find that greater joy, peace, and well being were waiting for them all along.

Jai Bhagwan (I honor the light within you).

Tonya Moist

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