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Sessions on the BioMat alone area also available. $35 for 30 minutes, or $60 for 60 minutes. All in person/office sessions are done while the client rests on a Richway Biomat. The Biomat uses amethyst crystals, far infrared heat, negative ions, and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) technology to enhance the session’s results. Benefits of the Biomat include: reduced inflammation, improved sleep, lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, increased serotonin. It also speeds recovery from illness/injury/surgery, and releases endorphins. 


Guided Meditation/Visualization on the Biomat

The Biomat combines the healing power of far infrared heat, negative ions, and amethyst. This is then enhanced with my own guided meditations. Benefits include: increased relaxation, reduced inflammation, increased circulation, consciousness expansion, and improved sleep.


Goddess Guidance $25

20 minutes


Chakra Balancing $25

20 minutes


Yoga Nidra $35

30 minutes


Gaiyatri Mantra, 108 times $50

45 minutes 


Healing Meditation $25

20 minutes


Sanskrit Prayers Chant $25

20 minutes


Anusara Invocation Chant $25

20 minutes

If you have questions regarding BodyTalk or would like to schedule an appointment please contact Tonya: (309) 830-9341 (text is quickest) or email:

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