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In prenatal yoga we create a supportive, loving environment in which to celebrate the journey of motherhood. Women are encouraged to follow the natural rhythm of introspection and transformation that pregnancy brings. Our practice of yoga cultivates a trust in the pregnant body and its innate wisdom. Through the union of breath and movement, women find relief from physical discomfort and prepare the body-mind for birth. By beginning our class with a sharing circle, we hold a safe and sacred space for everyone. This is a time to gather resources and ask questions, share exciting news, and reach out for support. Many lasting friendships have been made as mothers bond not only with their babies, but also each other. Together we find the courage to be authentic and honest so that we may dissolve the barriers that keep us from living fully and birthing smoothly. Pregnancy is often called “an everyday miracle”. With prenatal yoga, we allow ourselves to be less in the everyday, and more in the miracle.

Tonya is not currently teaching prenatal yoga on a weekly basis. Please check back for future classes.

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga
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