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Bodytalk has provided me relief from my symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis including reduced inflammation and pain. It helped to prepare my body for labor and recover from giving birth. Not only has bodytalk been beneficial for my physical health, but it has been instrumental in maintaing emotional well being. I am so grateful for bodytalk and Tonya’s healing energy.

I started seeing Tonya within the past year. Before that, I had been on approximately 10-12 different prescription medications and I was tired of taking taking them to “level out my anxiety levels”. I would eventually get to the maximum dose and the doctor would switch me to something else. This went on for approximately 10 years and I was only 28 years old! I was tired of the hormonal and physical changes my body was going through too. Something needed to change. BodyTalk has helped me through normal hormonal imbalances, an extremely difficult separation and the sudden death of my Mother. By helping me focus on what all of these things were doing to me internally and by helping move these trapped energies she has truly saved me time, wasted energy, frustration and money. In a lot of ways Tonya has saved my life from falling victim to just “taking another pill”. During her sessions I can literally feel the congested energy dislodging itself and start to flow freely causing me feelings of relaxation, peace and acceptance. Even after I’ve left the session I notice that my sleeping habits have improved as well as my patience and love. I truly can’t begin to explain how grateful I am for Tonya and what BodyTalk has done for me. I am a true believer and a life long client! My 6 year old daughter has had a couple of BodyTalk sessions. As a parent we all want our children to live a well balanced life. We support them from the outside but even they need help internally. BodyTalk sessions with Tonya have helped her process her Father stepping out of her life (at the age of 4) and the sudden loss of her Grandmother. BodyTalk even helped me realize my daughter had a cold while I was treating her for allergies! Once we figured this out and changed our treatment plan for a different course of action her cold was gone within a week!! I was, again, truly amazed and felt much better knowing that I was helping my daughter the way she needed me to. Tonya is so good with her too!! My daughter was asking all sorts of questions during the session and Tonya listened and addressed every single one of them without rushing through and that meant a lot to me. Thank you so much Tonya for introducing us to this amazing experience!

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in my early 20s, and fibromyalgia in my late 20s (I’m 32 now and have been seeing for about 2 years). I went from living the dream to living a nightmare. I was in constant pain, unable to work, rather inactive and depressed. I was taking 4-6 prescriptions as well as OTC medications daily, sometimes over 20 pills a day. I found Tonya and BodyTalk and they have been the best things to come into my life thus far, a Godsend really. I’m no longer in terrible pain everyday, I’m down to 2 prescriptions, no narcotic pain relievers (Vicodin etc), no antidepressants, I can remember things easier, I lead a more active life because of all of this and have so far lost 30+ lbs I had gained. I’ve managed to gain some normalcy and happiness back despite my illnesses. I am no longer suffering from fibromyalgia, Tonya has taught me to live with it. BodyTalk has also helped my Mother, my Grandmother and an aunt as well. Tonya and BodyTalk have given me my life back, and I am beyond eternally grateful. I’m just sorry I didn’t know about all of this sooner.

I’m writing to report noticeable changes in my being. I can only assume that the BodyTalk that you did is beginning to produce some healthy effects. I noticed first, last night that I didn’t have the urge to indulge in my usual late night snacking…I didn’t think much of it until this afternoon when I still didn’t seem to have much of an appetite. But I do have an appetite, suddenly it’s a healthy one. Today I got profoundly hungry just in time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The rest of the day I wasn’t really interested in food. I’ve also noticed that my portions are smaller and seem to satisfy and at the end of the meal what I’m looking forward to isn’t a treat or dessert but a tall glass of water. I think that you have a rare, intuitive ability when it comes to the human body. Not only are you astute in teaching others to be in better harmony with their bodies in a gentle and yet very effective way, but you are also very good at tuning into a body and asking it questions to gain better understanding as to how it can be helped. I strongly hope that you continue in your work. I have a feeling that I am only beginning to see what profound effects your methods have brought about in my physical being. Love and Peace to you .

I’m so excited for you and BodyTalk.  I can’t wait to come again. I was trying to find the words to express my experience. One of the things we talked about in the session was my new job and some of the stress that was related to working with the students. Until you mentioned I didn’t realize I had any. Once school started I have noticed a “new calm”  It is hard to explain.  It is almost unrecognizable.  It’s like maturity, confidence and just going about business as usual, when business in the middle school is anything but usual.  Since each student is different there are 300 plus different scenarios for any given situation.  I don’t feel as frazzled or indecisive.  I believe it is the fact that “yes” BodyTalk really helps with my energy management.  I don’t even realize how wonderful it is!!

My first experience with BodyTalk was four years ago when I was worried about my heart and wanted to quit smoking.  While I was a bit skeptical, I tried it because I was tired of failing at quitting.  I haven’t had a cigarette since that day, and was even able to keep half a pack of cigarettes in my car for a week after that initial appointment.  My most recent experience with BodyTalk was with Tonya Keach.  For the two weeks leading up to our session, I was plagued with severe headaches, which was unusual for me.  During that session, we worked with hydration, which I know now was the cause of my headaches.  The severe headaches ceased the following day.  I urge anyone who is interested in helping yourself become and stay healthy to experience BodyTalk.

Hey Tonya.  I just wanted to give you an update that my cheek/mouth is doing much better. The swelling is all down. Also I can see my ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend and not get upset anymore like I use to! So that is really exciting. I just thought I would tell you I am doing much better and thanks for the help. Thanks!

Dear Tonya,
Thank you so much for our BodyTalk session after my performances of Messiah in December. It is one of the most challenging works for continuo musicians and even more so since we had the dress rehearsal on the same day of the performance (with only an hour and a half break between the rehearsal and concert). That in addition to all of the other pre-Christmas playing left my neck and shoulder in knots, even though I am a very relaxed player. My cellist friend is still suffering from the overuse of those days. My session with you restored the balance to my body and really helped to release all of the tension. There was an instant result and I am most grateful.
PS. You are wonderful!!!

Writing about the experience that is BodyTalk is somewhat difficult, because I am writing from a place that is not usually active or talking in my “frontal lobe.”  It is from somewhere much deeper inside; a place that knows itself rather well, so this attempt to put into words what BodyTalk is for me may seem awkward at times, but real it will remain. I believe that our bodies, right down to the cellular level are carriers of every experience we have throughout life. If we look into, accept and allow those experiences to be without judgment, we can process them, let them imprint what they will on us, and we can move on to the next experience a little wiser and capable of watching ourselves within a more peaceful and healing place that includes objectivity and compassion—a blending of the metta blessing that is “may you know peace, may you know joy, and may you know relief from suffering.”  I hope to work with that concept for the each and every moment I’m alive. I work very hard to listen to and know my body.  I don’t always hear or understand what it is telling me, but I do believe that I can be trained and acquire the ablitiy to listen to what my body is communicating to me regularly…through aches and pains, through sensations, and through feelings of strength, flexibility, openness, and joy.

I have had three sessions of BodyTalk so far. I have several conditions and illnesses that I am working with, and at first glance at my initial paperwork thought it may have been easier to tell Tonya what wasn’t wrong rather than the other way around. Some of the most significant results I have noticed include release of low back pain, release of jaw pain (TMJ from past accident), and improvement in lung functioning (I have mild emphysema). After we did a balancing to release my diaphragm I noticed the coughing spasms that usually occur in the morning have decreased as well as my need to use a rescue inhaler. The breathing exercise I do as  “homework” in the morning and evening help me to relax and keep my lungs functioning as they should. Also, my mental outlook has improved and I use the phrases that have come up in my BodyTalk sessions to remind myself that I am worthwhile and I can get well. Thanks!

I had reoccurring prostate problems for several years. I was diagnosed by physicians as having prostate infections. Each time they would occur I would be prescribed and antibiotic and a few months later the infection would return. After two sessions of BodyTalk I have enjoyed long lasting relief and have not had another occurrence.

Body Talk is a powerful tool that helped me mentally
and physically recover from a devastating miscarriage.
I have no doubt that my successive pregnancy and
delivery was a positive experience as a result of what I did in BodyTalk.  Generally speaking, I am a very healthy person, but it is amazing how everyday stressors from work, family, friends, and environment can impact my physical state.  I continue to schedule
sessions when I feel by body needs a tune up and
recommend it to all my family and friends.

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